National Dairy Food Safety Coalition

The National Dairy Food Safety Coalition’s mission is to support artisan dairy producers – cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, cultured products, and other dairy-based foods – in their pursuit of reviewing, implementing, and improving their food safety practices.

The Coalition provides support through three mechanisms:

  1. Nationally run coaching workshops designed to help Artisan’s distill food safety regulations and develop food safety plans specific to their businesses.
  2. Access to food safety experts, through our coaching and student fellows program, for consultations and food safety questions.
  3. Access to online resources for food safety education and food safety plan development.

No question is too small and no challenge too big, the National Dairy Food Safety Coalition is here to serve as an active resource for the Artisan Dairy community, whether you’re just starting a business, want a double check on what you’re already doing, or need assistance if you’re experiencing a food safety related challenges.

Have a question? Don’t know where to start?

Simply reach out to or give us a call at 315-787-2600.